Don't Fear the Reaper

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By tamaleknight
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RIP Childhood: These Sexy Cartoon Costumes Will Make You Want to Die

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Halloween Costumes: Nailed It

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Via F**k Yeah Springfield

Whose Leg Do You Have to Hump to Get a Pumpkin Around Here?

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By Unknown

It's Almost Time!

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Via ghostnights

Carving Time, Come on Grab Your Pumpkins

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By NintendoLemonZ

Blue Punchbuggy! No Punchbacks!

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By Trickee (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

I'd Take This Guy to College

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By Unknown

Not Sure If Spooky or Seizure Inducing

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By Unknown

Things are About to Get Spooky in Here

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By Unknown
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Toy Story of Terror Airs Today on ABC!

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This Adorable Short Film is Perfect for Halloween

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By PetePete
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Watch Mickey Mouse in 'Ghoul Friend'

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It Wouldn't Be Halloween Without the Skeleton Dance

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Finn's Perpetual Fear Face

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By chucklestheman
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