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Nightmare Fuel of The Day: The 'Today Show' Dressed up as Peanuts and Scared America
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Good grief, it's terrifying Halloween costumes!

The Today Show thought it would be a good idea to ruin Peanuts characters forever by dressing up hosts as life-size, super realistic versions of the comic strip.

Here is the nightmare fuel people were unjustly subjected to.

The American people were clearly traumatized.

Shame on you, Today Show.

Flavor Town of The Day: Supermodel Chrissy Tiegen Dressed as Guy Fieri for Halloween
Via GQ
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Get ready, because model Chrissy Tiegen is about to take you on a ride through FLAVOR TOWN.

Forget all of those sexy Halloween costumes. Those are so 2014.

Your eyes won't even be able to comprehend her costume. It is so magnificent, so beautiful, so flavorful.

That's right. Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover model Chrissy Tiegen is Guy Fieri.

She just won Halloween. Go home, everyone.


Data of The Day: Google's 'Frightgeist' Maps Most Popular Halloween Costumes Across The U.S.

Google wants to make sure you look super fly on Halloween night.

The company just released Frightgeist, an interactive map that plots the most popular Halloween costumes based on search terms across the country.

Check out the site and make sure your costume is original, like the delicate flower you are.

Here are the 10 most popular costumes nationally...

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