Dad Jokes: Halloween Edition

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Is This What You Looked Like?

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If Your Kids Weren't ALREADY Scared of Shots...

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The Warriors of Light

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A High Fashion Costume For A Little Human

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The Bat Signal Looks Suspiciously Like a Diaper Genie

Dog - Robin either smells danger, or batman's diaper.
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Ready, Freddie?

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What's Worse Than Stealing Candy From a Baby?

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Parenting Done Right

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What a Doll!

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That's Sir Paul McCartney to You

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Just be Glad They Didn't Include the Pumpkin Innards

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Finding Anyone That Will Look Past All These Balloons

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On the Bright Side, Your Childhood Halloween Costumes Probably Weren't This

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Getting Your Kids Their Halloween Costume Early Has it's Drawbacks

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The Best Family Costume: Six Tobias Fünkes

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